–0:00 Here’s to Shutting Up: From A Beautiful View (2014) produced by Sage Theatre and Directed Jason Mehmel.
Aidan Lytton: Composition, Recording, Performance of Electric Guitar, Mixing

– 0:45 Boiler Room Soundscape: From Boiler Room Suite (2013) produced by Artists’ Collective Theatre and directed by Amanda Cutting.
Aidan Lytton: Design, Foley, Mixing

– 1:26 Maltese Bells: Field recording of church bells made in Malta (2014)
Aidan Lytton: Recording and Mixing

– 1:36 Prophetic Nightmare: From Before the Night Takes Us (2015) produced by Theatre BSMT, written by Ryan Reese and directed by Kyle Schulte.
Aidan Lytton: Composition, Recording, Design, Foley, Mixing

– 2:19 Caverns of Sound: Excerpt from sound installation, originally presented at the Common Ground Festival (2014) Made entirely through the manipulation of field recordings.
Aidan Lytton: Design, Foley, Mixing