Collaboration + Inspiration + Dedication

These are my guiding principles. I see creation as a collaborative process of individuals coming together with unique perspectives, and making something greater than the sum of it's parts. This happens via a seed of inspiration, which is nurtured by hard work and dedication.

I've been working in audio for the last 10 years, and specialize in creating imaginative and unique soundscapes for games, film, and live theatre. My training includes a Multidisciplinary bachelor of arts from University of Calgary, and a diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media from Vancouver Film School. I have a wide array of experience including sound design for video games, SFX and dialogue editing for film, foley for film and TV, sound design and composition for live theatre, and sound installation.

I am passionate about collaboration, and bringing fantastical worlds to life through my skills in audio. If you have a project that could benefit from colourful and immersive sound I would love to hear about it!