Aidan Lytton is a Sound Designer & Composer residing in Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Multidisciplinary BA and Drama minor in 2012.

     Aidan began his first explorations with sound creation at the age of twelve, when he sat down and started plunking away at keys on the piano. More recently his work in the world of theatrical sound design has led him to work on a variety of ambitous projects such as the 2015 world premiere of Ghost River Theatre’s The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, for which he received a Canada Council for the Arts grant in the independent theatre artist category. Aidan is also currently the head of sound at the independent Calgary theatre company Theatre BSMT.

     Through sound design, Aidan combines his passions for musical composition, field/foley recording, and audio mixing. He also enjoys experimenting with new ways to present sonic works, his audio installation “Aidan’s Virtual Cocktail Party” was featured in the U of C’s 2011 Happening festival, and his installation "Caverns of Sound" was featured at the 2014 Common Ground festival. Aidan looks forward to continuing to explore the vast world of sound, and creating innovative and daring work along the way.